Red Dot Connect provides a remotely-based interpreter, available at short notice to enable immediate, real-time, on-line communication.

Please click for the online booking form to be filled and sent to our coordinating team at Red Dot Connect.

We Offer

Red Dot Connect offers the following:

  • Quick, reliable access to fully qualified & NRCPD-registered interpreters
  • Instant accessibility from PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Works on most web browsers with high quality bandwidth access
  • No travel costs (which are usually associated with booking a face-to-face interpreter)
  • Calls charged per minute (no 2 or 3 hour minimum fee required)
  • Interpreters and Translators on demand in an emergency or at short notice

Is it safe?

  • All Red Dot Connect BSL/English Interpreters are qualified and registered with the NRCPD to ensure a confidential and professional service.
  • Red Dot Connect using Sign Live software is ISO 9001 & 27001 (information & security) compliant.
  • Customer details and the nature of the calls are confidential
  • Video calls cannot be intercepted
  • No customer is aware of any details of other callers on the system.

Is it cost-effective?

Public and private sector commissioners consider this service to be more cost-effective for short appointments or phone calls than using a face-to-face BSL Interpreter. The service charges per minute so there are no minimum hourly fees and there are no travel costs which are usually associated with interpreting travelling to an assignment.

‘We are proud that Red Dot Connect is now a thriving video online interpreting service. Together with a highly experienced and skilled workforce from our partner, SignLive, we now supply a professional service of the highest quality, providing effective, efficient and smooth communication between partners using top of the range and advanced technology and sign languages of their own choosing.’

Nigel Cleaver, Head of Communications Interpreting