Name: Sally Gallimore -Petch

Job Title: Service Co-ordinator, Action Deafness Knowledge

How long have you been at Action Deafness? Barely a month!

Talk us through a typical work day for you? Promoting BSL and Deaf Awareness courses and administering them

What do you think is great about Action Deafness? The friendly and helpful staff, I liked it here so much that I returned after a four year absence!

What did you do before Action Deafness? Did project management for NDCS and the BSL Translation Project

Who do you work closest with at Action Deafness? Jaz, Arti and J’enna

Who would be your ultimate dinner guest? Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard form Star Trek and Chancellor of Huddersfield University whom I hope to meet on the 13th July when my eldest son graduates!)

What is your hidden talent? Good question as I have yet to find it, lol!

Would you ever do a bungee jump or a skydive? Have done skydiving about 10 years ago. It was exhilarating experience!

What is the first thing you notice about people? Their facial expressions.

Where is the farthest you have ever been from home? Tunisia, North Africa